W101 Spatial  Planning  and  Infrastructure  Development

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Contact Function Country Affiliation
Dr.  M.T.  Gjerde  Coordinator New-Zealand Victoria  University  of  Wellington
Prof.Dr.  A.K.  Abiko  Member Brazil University  of  São  Paulo  -  Escola  Politécnica  -  Department  of  Construction  Engineering
Dr.  M.  Mirmoghtadaee  Member Iran BHRC  -  Building  and  Housing  Research  Center
Dr.  N.  Maiellaro  Member Italy CNR  -  National  Research  Council  ITC  -  Construction  Technologies  Institute
Dr.  N.  Kiuchi  Member Japan National  Institute  for  Land  and  Infrastructure  Management  -  Ministry  of  Land,  Infrastructure,  Transport  and  Tourism
Mr.  Y.  Nakayama  Member Japan Urban  Renaissance  Agency
Mr.  K.  Sugawara  Member Japan Urban  Renaissance  Agency
Dr.  M.  Šubic-Kovač  Member Slovenia University  of  Ljubljana  -  Faculty  of  Civil  and  Geodetic  Engineering
Ms.  I.  Breed  Member South-Africa University  of  Pretoria  -  Faculty  of  Engineering,  Built  Environment  &  Information  Technology  -  School  for  the  Built  Environment
Prof    B.  Giddings  Member United-Kingdom Northumbria  University  -  Faculty  of  Engineering  and  Environment
Prof.  S.  Wu  Member United-Kingdom University  of  Huddersfield