Proceedings:  W099  -  Special  Track  18th  CIB  World  Building  Congress,  May  2010,  Salford,  UK
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Date  of  Publication: 14-05-2010
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CIB  no 357
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W099 Safety  and  Health  in  Construction
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Prof.  P.S.  Barrett  Editor
Professor  D.  Amaratunga  Editor
Dr.  C.  Pathirage  Editor
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The  Commission  is  committed  to  the  advancement  of  safety  and  health  of  construction  workers.  The  tools  necessary  to  accomplish  this  end  include  designing,  preplanning,  training,  management  commitment  and  the  development  of  a  safety  culture.  A  country's  involvement  with  construction  safety  is  influenced  by  factors  like:  varying  labour  forces,  shifting  economies,  insurance  rates,  legal  ramifications  and  technological  development.
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Editdate: 28-01-2019