Joint  CIB  W099  and  TG59  International  Safety,  Health,  and  People  in  Construction  Conference;
Coping  with  the  Complexity  of  Safety,  Health,  and  Wellbeing
in  Construction
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Date  of  Publication: 01-08-2018
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W099 Safety  and  Health  in  Construction
TG59 People  in  Construction
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This  particular  proceeding  is  related  to  a  joint  conference  involving  W99  (Safety  and
Health  in  Construction)  and  TG59  (People  in  Construction).  Since  1996,  this  is  the  27th
meeting  focused  on  at  least  one  of  these  topics,  and  the  second  that  occurs  in  Brazil.
The  first  was  in  2003,  in  São  Paulo. 
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